Kaleena Nero (kaleenass) wrote,
Kaleena Nero

dunno why this feels this way

im happy, very happy
this strange mood thats hanging over me is just splendid
how can i be so happy with him?
this is really gunna hurt when it ends.
thats all i keep thinking about
how much its gunna burn, sting, ache, kill me when he decides to move on
im an awful gf ive told men over and over
shown all the signs of awfulness
im not the dateable kind
but they keep mixing me up with them
and then find out the truth
that im a bad person
with no real connection to most people or things
ive been so used to being used and treated so badly i hesitate whenever anything good happens
im so scared
constantly scared
of my own happiness
of change
sometimes i really fear nothing with change ever except my age and my hatred for my own life...i hate my life...i hate the way i deal with my life...it'll all end eventually
it'll end and i will be disappointed
the end
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