Kaleena Nero (kaleenass) wrote,
Kaleena Nero

how could this be?

How could this be this intense depression that has snuck up on me like it has no sense
my head spins with all the evils that will be and all the lack of confidence that i always face in these situations
i feel like i'm going to cry like every inch of my body is shrinking
it's an intense pain that is taking over my body
everything sucks right now
im getting tired again and willess
like it doesnt matter what i do i'm not going to get anything done
i have to fill out these applicatins but i haevnt doen anything all day today
i have to have at least 2 job interviews set up for when i get home.....
which sucks because i havent set anything up yet...i just dont really want to do anything
i want to go to my room and lay still for the whole night and then sleep some more
why is it like this...am i catching the winter time blues? this always happens
i want to cry but the ability escapes me in front of all these people
so instead i wish to just leave
if i could just leave from here tomorrow i would be good as hell
it'll get better
i will get better
i have to stop freaking out
i have to be still my heart
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