Kaleena Nero (kaleenass) wrote,
Kaleena Nero


today ive come to the realization that i might not want to be with someone who doesnt want to fight with me and who wont love me unconditionally.
how can i give my love to him without thought
without reserve
and he just doesnt act like he cares
"do you think i like doing this to you?"
"yes, yes i do"
i know i have is thaqtues but if you really believe that i can do the things that you seem to think i can
that i can be this person you want to be with then why cant we do that together
why cant you help me while standing besides me.
why do you have to push me away to tell me i need to do better for myself
that just tells me that the feelings that i have for you
arent mutual
i would love you if you were broke
i would love you rich
i would love you sick or healthy
it doesnt matter
but me
i need to be perfect
i need to be an improved version of myself
getting paid more
for sickness and in health....we're not married but if we were
you would fail me
and id end up alone any time that i faltered
that seems like a risky investment
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