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seriously has been one of the most awful weeks on record...for many reasons but whaeva
i dont want to lose the one man ive been dreaming about since forever
he makes me a better person
he makes me happy
he makes me sing
but i cant be with him
he doesnt want me
he doesnt love me
for all the things that we've been through and all the things i thought he wanted of me
he doesnt want me
he loves this image
this thing that he wants
and im not it
i dunno if i can ever be it
or if it is even possible
no one is fucking perfect
but i thought we were about as perfect for each other as two people could be
he...broke my heart
but maybe i was wrong for voicing my opinion
maybe i was wrong for thinking it was love when it was just him being nice
maybe ive been so fucked up in this game for so long that someone acting on my benefit
doing things for my and acting the way he did
maybe i thought that was love
maybe i have no fucking clue what love is
i made a mistake
and i cant take it back even if i try to explain
he wants something more then anything
more then everything
i dont want to complicate him or make his life more difficult
i just want to be with him
and i guess if that means just being friends with him and appreciating what he does for me without that emotional attachment then fine
imma just have to do that
imma just have to deal with this new plan
until i can find someone who will just love me for me
someone who will be like him in all the ways except a couple
but those are the most important things for me
and now to get drunk
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