Kaleena Nero (kaleenass) wrote,
Kaleena Nero

royally boned until sometime hopefully right after the 15th.

so yeah this getting paid not every exact two weeks but the 15th and the 30th depending on if these days fall on a weekend or not, is really fucking with me. so i have about 100 bucks to last me to the 15th. which is a work week and a half away. Mind you the car takes about 50 bucks in gas a week and the brakes have just exploded into balls of heated brakey flames. I'm so very uninterested in this car right now. Im so angry! but its my own fault for not being successful and being able to afford a new car like a normal person. I hate this car. everytime i try to like it, it finds a new way to make me completely not trust it at all. I dunno what to do. I kind of just want to give the car back to phil, but seeing as how i dont have the new title yet and i just started with this new insurance that seems a bit rash. I smell like brake fumes. It's making me a bit sick. Smells so bad. and the car was smoking like it was gunna burst into flames...but once again its my own fault for taking this damn car. I should have just let phil drive it like it had been intended. I dont even really like this car. Im just so through. Michael's bday is before i get paid, my hair needs a touch up, mom's getting on me about the damn 25 bucks she wants a week from me. And i dont even think imma have enough money to make it to the end of this upcoming week. I have to figure out a more effective way of planning out this 15th and 30th bullshit...it would be a shitton easier to just do it every two mofo weeks, the way they do things sometimes seems to backwards to me. But who am i to say anything it's not Kaleena Time, it's let me shut up, work and get paid and hopefully not kill myself in the process of doing so Time. Once i feel like the brakes have cooled off enough i will take a look at them and try to see how very fucked up they must me cuz that shit was not riding normally at all.
thats all i cant do
hopefully that wont require any extra equipment or training or money cuz i have none.
my terrariums are looking good tho...so thats something
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