Kaleena Nero (kaleenass) wrote,
Kaleena Nero


so yeah hazmat test friday, still gotta study
Phil made me pigs in a blanket last night...oh my goodness awesome.
he totally understands that i dont cook and he's ok with that
so sweet
cant wait till i get this money in and move out
start investing that shit into a nice house
it'll be banging
sometimes it takes a couple missteps for me to really get shit in order
but im a stubborn fucking person
gotta get looking for a decent v, get college funds allocated and get these other endorsements so i can add to my funds
it's so nice learning all this financial shit from someone already set in their shit
i need more mentors in my life
having grown up with no male figure in the home has stunted me something awful
also having an overbearing overly supportive to the point of enabling mother didnt help either
Seeing Phil doing his damn thing makes me wanna try a lil bit harder, i guess to prove something to myself
i dont always have to be such a lazy fuck
so i just wont be
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