Kaleena Nero (kaleenass) wrote,
Kaleena Nero

focus on that

so three tiers of focus for right now

which im working on one step at a time
right now it's about transcripts
i have to get my suffolk and stony brook official transcripts to Farmingdale
25 bucks for stony brook, and 5 bucks for suffolk county community college
after that i have to call the director of the department and discuss a plan of action for the fall.

while i love my job for it's lack of pressing issues, the pay is just unacceptable any effing more. ive been putting off getting my hazmat endorsement for a year pretty much. ive seen way too many jobs that i probably would qualify for that i couldnt apply for because i havent gotten it. thats
test 5 dollars
background check and finger printing 150 dollars

i need a v. im tired of this bullshit with the jeep and people holding this over me. im really sick of it. i want to have a bit of my freedom back. ive been so home kept and not even trying to get away, but im tired of it, especially after chilling with someone of my age range who is doing for themselves. i need a car, and soon.
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