Kaleena Nero (kaleenass) wrote,
Kaleena Nero

two weird dreams last night

the first dream i was kidnapped but this dude at gun point and forced to be his wife, tho he drugged me and kept me locked up at all times, eventually he ended up shooting me and it hit me in the neck, at which time he tried to make it seem like i had drowned by putting me in the bathtub so that he could then dump me in the ocean right near his house. But i escaped and a good samaritan picked me up off the side of the road. It was strange because im kind of afraid it might actually happen.
the second dream i was making out with this british twat of a man, who reminded me of a better looking russel brand...and i guess it was supposed to be him because of the way he was talking and he was being all mean to me and stuff. So at some point i had something stuck in my throat and it was string so i pulled it out and there was more, the more i talked to this due the more string came outta my mouth. Then i woke up. and last night i had some kinda weird dream i dont remember but suddenly i heard a male voice i didnt recognize say hello
my usually reaction would be to say hello back but i couldnt, i was frozen in fear, because i have heardmany places that if you acknowledge something like that that itll come and get you. I was afraid of what it might be so i just laid there waiting for another noise butthere was none, just silence. So i dunno, ghosts are looking for me again. blah
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