Kaleena Nero (kaleenass) wrote,
Kaleena Nero

love doesnt seem to want to live here all the time...more like a time share

so what is this
i couldnt tell u
he knows exactly how i feel which is unnerving but at the same time he told me he isnt going to mess with anyone else
so its monogamous at least
which is a start
tho a start to what im still not sure
like how im not sure if he said we were a couple the other night when he hinted to a couple of things
so i just let it slide the way i always do with him
cuz i like him alot and because he owns me
im still a cat by the way and cats move in different directions all at once
sometimes wanting affection and sometimes shunning it and running away
i dont want to push anything but i guess i have anyway which is fine
i dont care
cuz if it scares him away that hes too much of a pussy for me anyway
plus the fact that im falling behind with myself anyway doesnt make me happy so i dont care
i need a car well not really my job wont allow for it considering how i take the train into work everyday anyway
i should just get my own place
but do u know how much that would cost
fucking ny
only way i could live away from home would be in a shitty room or with someone else in a shitty place
plus i want to have like a set job before i do that anyway
signing up for laser
signing up for the gym with rita
and buying bras and my costume this week
all i can think of for right now
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