Kaleena Nero (kaleenass) wrote,
Kaleena Nero


i'll be going to Maine soon, which i know doesnt seem incredibly exciting
but it is
starting a new life
doing new things hopefully better things learning new things
i cant wait for the challenge
sick of the same old same old
cant wait to go out there,meet new people
or maybe its just that i've been bored for too long
decided to keep the car,So that by the time i leave and get that money from them and whaeva other money i save up if i get a chance to get to working up there i'll be able to get the car fixed and running smooth enough to get me to and from a job, wherever it might be.
Tammy helped me out lovely and got me into Maine
i remembered to thank her
which i sometimes forget to do
unfortunately that means imma only have my stimulus check to get me over till i either find a part time job up there or i finish
meaning i have to get all my supplies
hair done
and there was something else......
with the 600 i get
but considering how i kept my hair in these braids for like 3 months....maybe 4 i should be good when i go there for at least 3 or 4 months with my hair.....and if i leave before summer ends then by the time winter vacation comes along i should be able to come back and get my hair done and then go back up for a while
someone was saying that they are diverse up there in maine but i'll see when i get there
wootie woot! out
ooo and expect massive amounts of pictures
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