Kaleena Nero (kaleenass) wrote,
Kaleena Nero


I'm super chill right now
broke as fuck
got like 3 dollars to my name
but the most relaxed i've been in weeks
i'm so fucking mellow
watching the boys all this next up coming week
which should be the opposite of fun
the scars on my arm haven't gone away fully yet
which sucks cause the weather is super warm and i gota start pulling out the short sleeved shit
tho i dont' think i have too much in the way of summer clothes this year
and i have no moneys to change such
next week after watching the stupid boys imma fucking go up to the bus place, seemed like a waste to go up ask for info just to be like yeah i can't start next week
hopefully they'll let me do afternoons or some shit
so i can make that bread without pissing off my kinfolk
i'm fucking myself right now with my bills and cell phone and shit
but really
i could ive a fuck less at the moment
there's other shit i've got on my head
i'm gunna be 23
and still a fucking bum
gotta make that paper so i can keep it up in school
watched my friend at the gym yesterday
he is really trying so hard to lose weight
and he is already
i'm like dude i've done nothing but steadily gain weight for the last um......7 years
slowly but steadily
i'm a fat whore
so.....i've yet to change a fucking thing about it
which must mean on some level i don'tcare
oh wells
too calm to evenget upset
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